In  2006 I had a bone density scan that revealed I had osteoporosis of the spine.
Because of the side effects, I was unable to take any of the medications
prescribed by my doctor. Late in 2006 I started taking classes at Novato Pilates
2-3 times per week. I recently had another scan done
(December of 2009) and
amazingly the results show tha
t my spine bone density is back to within the
normal range. This after only 2 years of Pilates!! Not only do I look and feel
better, Pilates has improved my body from the inside out, all without medication
or supplements. I can't think of a better investment in my health than Pilates or
a better enviornment to accomplish that goal than at Novato Pilates.

-Frankie La Rocca

My introduction to Pilates has been wonderfully positive!  As a novice, I found
Kathy Lou's attention to technique very valuable.  Kathy Lou is a warm, caring,
knowledgeable professional whose personalized instruction makes me feel
as if I'm her only client.  I highly recommend Kathy Lou and her staff to all who
are interested in Pilates.

- Nicole Burton

Having suffered from lower back pain as well as neck pain this past summer,
doctors put me on two packages of steroids as well as heavy pain medication.  
Nothing helped.  Simultaneously, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went
through a surgery for it along with 31 radiation treatments.  Novato Pilates  was
instrumental in helping me no longer suffer ANY further back or neck pain and
made me both mentally as well as physically strong throughout my radiation
treatments.  My golf game has also improved!  To date, I look forward to my
Pilates sessions three times a week and plan on continuing them into the future.
Pilates not only improves your physical strength but your mental strength as
well.  I leave every Pilates session feeling energized and healthy, now free of
pain.  I would recommend Novato Pilates to anyone wanting better health,
overall strength and more energy.  Thank you Kathy Lou

-Lisa Smith

- Lisa Smith
Novato Pilates  
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