Private Instruction

Private Sessions
Private sessions offer the most individual attention, working one-on-one with an instructor.  
Sessions explore Pilates on the Reformer, Cadillac, chair, and using props or the mat.

Semi-private Sessions
Similar to private sessions, two people work with one instructor.  The semi-private format is a
great way to share your workout with a friend or family member.

Group Classes

Three to five people go through a Pilates workout on the Reformer in a group setting.  
Pre-registered classes run in 4-week series meeting the same time and day each week.  

Yoga - Pilates Wall
Three to four people go through a yoga and Pilates inspired workout using our fun wall
apparatus.  Pre-registered classes will run similar to Reformer classes, meeting the same day
and time for 4-week sessions.

Pilates Mat
This is a group class performed on the floor with a mat.

Independent Practice

Open Studio
Independent Pilates practice helps you more deeply integrate and develop your routine on the
equipment, on your own time.  Instructor approval required.   

Services in your Home

Pilates / Yoga / Massage
We are happy to offer you these services with the convenience and privacy of your own home.  
Inquire with Kathy Lou to book.  
Novato Pilates  
1769 B Grant Avenue
Novato, CA  94945
(415) 898 - 3499